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Milky Blue manufactures original pieces of art, sculptures and unique objects. We assist contemporary art players (institution, art galleries, artists, artistic direction) to complete their projects.

Thanks to their wide range of skills our team of creators combine excellent craftsmanship (staff, sculpture, moulding, decorative painting) with industrial techniques (digital cutting, 3D scanning, stratification, vacuum infusion) to offer tailor-made solutions that meet the expectations of our clientele.

Our creators, assisted by expert partners, push the boundaries of contemporary creation and design to create innovative products with high-added value. Material is always at the heart of our research and development.


Marie Beltrami, Richard Di Rosa, Raùl Illarramendi, Oda Jaune, Fabien Merelle, Rick Owens, Salomé Partouche, Jean Luc Verna, Winshluss

Le Pentateuque

Fabien Merelle

Resin, hairs et fabrics

75 cm / 70 cm / 30 cm

2017 Edouard Malingue Gallery Hong-kong


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Le Cactus à l’oeil

Richard Di Rosa

145 X / 80cm / 55 cm
resin, painting, polyurethane varnish
2017 Galerie Vallois

- Retouching and casting of the prototype series

- Resin print

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Fabien Mérelle

acrylic resin

30 cm / 38 cm / 29 cm

2016 Edouard Malingue Gallery Hong-kong

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Le Cactus de Sibérie

Richard Di Rosa

Resin, painting, polyurethane varnish

145 cm / 80cm / 55 cm

2017 Galerie Vallois


- Retouching and casting of the prototype series

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Petite Stella

Richard Di Rosa


- 4-part molding of the prototype

- Draw in sourced organic resin

- polyurethane paint


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Résine epoxy, peinture

5m x 3m 


Galerie Vallois

Article de press:

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Merle, Mérelle, faucon et tourterelles



Galerie Keteleer

Sculpture en bois fraisée, patine à la cire et effet charbon

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Anthropocene Project

Witnesses and monumental mural

Jérémy Gobé

Concrete, mortar and plaster

40cm/40cm/40cm (Témoins)


Bullukian Foundation

Crédit photos: Weber St Gobain

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Raùl Illarramendi

Gouache and color pencil on acrylic resin, wooden frame

102 x 65,5 x 3,5cm

76 x 65 x 3,5 cm


Karsten Greve Gallery

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Jusqu'au bout du monde

Fabien Merelle


2018 City of Le Havre "A summer in Le Havre"

Scan 3D session of Fabien Merelle and her daughter

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75020 Paris, France
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